Discounted Auto Ship Bundles – Combine Subscriptions

From: $13.45

Our discounted Auto Ship bundles allow you to customize your subscription by grouping multiple subscription products together. Select which products to include in your subscription and receive all of your products in one convenient shipment*.

  • Automated order processing – no need to sign into your account.
  • Your subscription bundle arrives in the mail – hassle free.
  • Cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription whenever you like – you are in control.
  • Your payment is charged automatically to your preferred payment method.

*Including Cosmo Companion in your bundle will create two separate subscriptions since the product renews every other month, no monthly.

$32.95 / month
$21.95 / month
$14.95 / month
$17.95 / month
$42.95 / month
$13.45 / month
$32.95 / month
$17.95 / month
$29.95 / month

Our discounted Auto Ship bundles are perfect for today’s busy lifestyle. Group your favorite products together just the way you want and receive one convenient shipment each month. Save on shipping charges by just having one bundled subscription instead of paying for two, three or more subscriptions individually. You can upgrade and downgrade your product bundles at any time via your Account Dashboard. Love what you already have but want to add one more product to your bundle later? No problem, you are in complete control of your subscription at any time.