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Tanner Jordan
  • Public Group
  • Hello! I have been recently diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma- My head is flooded with questions, so I don't really know where to begin. I have found out I am ER and PR positive and awaiting HERS2 results. I have the option of having a Lupectomy or Mastectomy and I find that decision overwhelming. Is there anyone going through something similar? Or had to make that decision and they chose wisely? I feel very lucky that mine was caught early but I have so many questions about reaccurrence... just thought I would put myself out there and share info!
  • Public Group
  • Gathering of women who are BRACA2 Positive. Share information about how you navigated your health and your journey and connect with others.
Runners or other competitive athletes
  • Private Group
  • Looking to talk to other competitive athletes as to how they cope, continue, and move forward. I am a competitive marathoner who is trying to navigate my new life
Lisa T
  • Public Group
  • Would like to speak with others who are TNBC stage 3. (Triple Negative Breast Cancer)
Joni Hilton
  • Public Group
  • I'd like to talk with other women who have ILC, Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. I was initially told this is a slow growing type that doesn't respond well to chemo. But now, after a mastectomy and with 6 lymph nodes involved, I'm told I do have to have very aggressive chemo. Thoughts?
Hormone Replacement
  • Public Group
  • Our public hormone replacement discussion group is an open forum for any topics related to hormone replacement therapy, its treatment methods, risks, side effects and most common use.
  • Public Group
  • Welcome to our public discussion group about Arimidex, a hormone-based chemotherapy prescription drug. We're talking about the drug's use, purpose, side effects, risks, etc.
Breast Buddies Public Discussions
  • Public Group
  • This is a public group open to all Breast Buddies members of our online community and those considering becoming a Breast Buddy. This group is suitable for anyone who has questions about the Breast Buddies program, needs tech support or any other assistance related to the program.

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