What We Do 

The Pink Lotus Foundation is a nonprofit organization that enables low-income, uninsured and underinsured women in the United States to receive 100% free breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment services.

Why We Do This

Billions of dollars have been invested by nonprofit and for-profit organizations to find the cure to breast cancer. While the Pink Lotus Foundation supports every one of these critical efforts, it is unclear if and when the cure may ever be found.

Helpless women without insurance or with insufficient coverage face lack of care, delayed care, uncertainty, anxiety, fear, and sadly, death from breast cancer on a daily basis. The Pink Lotus Foundation’s mission is to reduce these senseless deaths and speed up necessary medical treatment by enabling underprivileged women to receive free care to screen for, diagnose, and treat any type of breast related illnesses today – because for a woman with breast cancer who is unable to receive treatment, today is all that matters. For her, the cure to cancer will never come fast enough.

Whom We Help

Women with no or low annual household income who live at or under the national poverty line and cannot afford medical treatment

Women who suffer from a major life event (divorce, natural disaster, job loss, death of spouse, etc) and cannot afford medical care

Women who do not have health insurance, do not qualify for insurance, or lost their insurance and cannot get it back

Women with health insurance that does not cover one or more of the medical services they currently require