Benefitting the Pink Lotus Foundation and conceptualized by our Executive Director Andy Funk in the summer of 2015, Vegas In 24 is a grueling bicycle challenge that took place on April 23, 2016. The 365-mile event stretches from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and was covered by Andy nonstop on a bicycle in under 24 hours. Yes – 365 miles, as in 17% of the 3-week Tour de France in a single day, combined with 14,500 feet of elevation gain (that’s half way up Mt. Everest) with no outside support or assistance of any kind. A never before attempted challenge with a distance and time goal so tough, it left no margin for error.

Fundraising continues and all donations will benefit low income, uninsured and underinsured women in need of breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and support. Learn more about Vegas In 24 on the official event website.

See the video of the most unique and epic breast cancer charity fundraiser – ever!