can·cer kick·ing

/’kansər kikiNG/

The daily decision to purposefully and enthusiastically embrace the thoughts and behaviors that have been scientifically proven to maximize health and happiness, while simultaneously kicking the risk of killer diseases to a curb far, far away.

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Latest Recipes

Apple & Tofu Curry Salad

I particularly love this household fave because it packs an anti-inflammatory wallop in a record time! The power ingredient here is, well, it’s in the title, so yeah, it’s… CURRY!

Cancer-Kicking Kitchen features plant-based recipes by Dr. Funk. Using our Ingredient Spotlight feature, understand not just what is in the recipe, but also why the ingredient is important and what type of disease fighting compounds it has.

Local Chapters

We are expanding our online community of Cancer Kickers and have started working on local chapters, starting with Southern California. We get together in person for hikes, runs, cookouts, coordinated fasts, community support, and many other activities that are covered in the Orchard of Life. To get notified when local chapters become available, or to become a chapter leader, please let us know.

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Latest PowWow Podcasts

Cancer-Kicking PowWow with Dr. Kristi Funk is available as a video blog or audio podcast. We explore inspiring stories of resilience and transformation and interview health warriors who have been instrumental in affecting positive change.

Cancer-Kicking! Fitness

If you’ve watched Dr. Funk’s Virtual Summit, you already know that Andy has been working on a proprietary fitness platform to help out all of the Cancer Kickers out there who are having a tough time figuring out how to get started, or exactly what to do. America has done everyone a disservice with its one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and weight loss. Andy’s platform let’s you do what you enjoy while reaping the healthy rewards you desire. Leave your e-mail to be notified when the program is available.

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