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2020 Cancer-Kicking! Summit

Attend In Person or Online

Join us on April 25/26 for the 2020 Cancer-Kicking! Summit at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Southern California. This 2-day conference provides you with an in-depth look into which lifestyle choices affect your health, why they matter, and how many of them are actually under your control. Learn in just 2 days how to positively change you and the people you love for the rest of your life!

Cancer-Kicking! PowWow

With your Host, Dr. Kristi Funk

You asked, we listened! Our new podcast explores the thriver stories of women who have altered their lifestyles after a breast cancer diagnosis, emerging with a profound sense of purpose and passion that never existed prior. Dr. Funk also speaks to leaders and pioneers in the health, medical and wellness fields who have been instrumental in affecting positive change for women’ health.

Cancer-Kicking! Tuesdays

Series is starting in the summer of 2020

Join Dr. Kristi Funk on the last Tuesday of each month for our local Cancer-Kicking! Tuesdays workshop in Los Angeles. This 2-hour long workshop, followed by a limited post-event roundtable, provides you with a roadmap to a healthier self and will teach you which lifestyle factors matter the most, why they matter, how you can change your bad habits, and why it is never too late to get started.


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