group of women hiking and laughing
group of women hiking and laughing

Local Chapters

Our first Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapters are up and running – a dream project of ours that we have been thinking about for a very long time. Join an existing chapter or help us build a new one in your community!


Plant-Based Cooking




Wellness Gatherings

Bike Rides

Weekend Trips

Group Fasting, And More

Free & From the Heart

We don’t ask for anything from you except your participation and Cancer-Kicking! enthusiasm.

Support & Reinforcement

Continued support from your chapter will help you become and stay a Cancer-Kicker.

Dedicated Private Group Page

Find upcoming events, meet new members, see past event pictures and connect with others.

Anyone Can Join

Everyone is welcome. But, you must be a Cancer-Kicker or want to learn how to become one.

How to Join

Joining an existing chapter is easy and just takes 4 steps. We are working on adding other cities, and if you are interested in joining or creating a Local Chapter in your area, please click the link below and drop us a line and let us know so that we can coordinate your efforts.

Do you want to become a Cancer-Kicker? That is one prerequisite we have to join a Local Chapter. Learn more what it means to be one.

Find your Local Chapter from the list below (we currently have 23 locations) and click it.

You need a Power Up user account. If you don’t have one, get one now to access your Local Chapter.

Click the Join Group button and the moderator for your local group will approve your request. You’re all set!

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If your city or town is not listed, don’t worry – we are in the process of adding more. If you, or someone you know, would like to start a Local Chapter or become a team leader, please click the link above and we will touch base with you. Also, invite like-minded friends by sharing this page to your favorite social platform below.

Cancer-Kicking!… Explained

Being a Cancer-Kicker doesn’t necessarily mean that you ever had cancer, or that you beat it. It could – of course – but you can certainly be a cancer survivor and not be a Cancer-Kicker. Our definition of Cancer-Kicking! is an ongoing, lifelong activity and mindset instead of an event from the past that defined you. Many Cancer-Kickers! who join our Local Chapters, attend our Cancer-Kicking! Tuesdays workshops or our annual Summit never had cancer before. They are Cancer-Kickers because they all have one goal in common: to live a healthy and happy life and stay away from killer diseases as much as humanly possible.

Dr. Funk’s Orchard of Life touches on 10 different “trees” to create the most perfect anti-disease environment for your life. Some trees are more important than others, and being a Cancer-Kicker doesn’t mean that you are 100% committed to every single thing that is recommended to build the most perfect orchard for your own life. However, it does mean that you understand what you can control, and that you have an active interest in implementing those thoughts and actions that can maximally improve your health. If you have read Dr. Funk’s book, attended our Summit or Tuesdays events, or have browsed the Power Up website and are even remotely interested in taking further action to improve your health – then you have taken the first step to being a Cancer-Kicker. Here it is straight from the Power Up Dictionary of Health:

can·cer kick·ing

/’kansər kikiNG/

The daily decision to purposefully and enthusiastically embrace the thoughts and behaviors that have been scientifically proven to maximize health and happiness, while simultaneously kicking the risk of killer diseases to a curb far, far away.

los angeles lifeguard tower with santa monica pier
Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter: Los Angeles
  • Private Group
  • This is the official Power Up group for the Los Angeles Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter. If you live in L.A. or close by, join our Local Chapter group to be kept up to date on all future events and activities.
boston george washington monument
Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter: Boston
  • Private Group
  • This is the official Power Up group for the Boston Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter. If you live in Boston or close by, join our Local Chapter group to be kept up to date on all future events and activities.
hot springs arkansas birds eye view
Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter: Hot Springs (AR)
  • Private Group
  • This is the official Power Up group for the Hot Springs (AR) Cancer-Kicking! Local Chapter. If you live in Hot Springs or near by, join our Local Chapter group to be kept up to date on all future events and activities.

Upcoming Events

Some of our upcoming events can be found below. All events specific to your chapter location can be found on your dedicated group page.  To see all events across the country, you visit our events calendar and filter all events by type and location. To receive notifications as soon as new events are created, click on ‘Receive Event Notifications’ below, select ‘Local Chapter’ as your main category and your ‘City or Region’ as your location.

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