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Breast Buddies™

A free mentorship program that matches newly diagnosed breast cancer patients from all over the world with breast cancer survivors of similar age, cancer stage, treatments chosen, language, location, and more.

New Breast Cancer Diagnosis?

Find a Breast Buddy who has “been there done that” – who can’t wait to come alongside you in this very similar moment to what she experienced some time ago. Let her help you through your journey and get stronger together! Match with your Buddy based on the exact criteria that matters most to you: age, cancer stage, procedure type, chemo, and many more. You are in control!

Breast Cancer Survivor?

Encourage, mentor, and befriend a newly diagnosed woman who matches your background and cancer profile. Become her helping hand and caring guide during a time in need. Search for your Breast Buddy or wait to be found.

In order for other Breast Buddies to find you in our system, you should provide some basic information about yourself and your diagnosis after signing up. How much information you disclose is completely up to you. The more information you provide, the easier it is to match you with a buddy whose background, circumstances and cancer diagnosis are extremely similar to yours.

The Breast Buddies program is part of the Pink Lotus Power Up community and therefore has all of our social networking components already built into it. Therefore, you can private message your buddy via their profile page or even create a private discussion group together. Alternatively, you can always talk on the phone, via text message or meet in person. How you communicate or meet will largely depend on your buddy’s location. Figure out what works best for you and your Breast Buddy when you first connect.

Our Breast Buddies technology allows you to select multiple filters when you search for a match. These filters include cancer stage, caner type (and profile), age at diagnosis, surgery type, genetics / family history, radiation treatment, chemotherapy and more. The more filters you use during search, the closer of a match we can provide.

Yes, you can match with as many Breast Buddies as you’d like. We encourage you to build a strong relationship with your Buddy, so in our busy world, keeping the number of matches to a minimum is usually a good idea to improve the quality of your relationship(s). You can set your status to Available, Already Matched or Not Available at any time to indicate to the community whether your are interested in taking on another match or not.

Yes you can. It is gratifying to give back to another woman after having been mentored yourself since you already understand the tremendous value of the Breast Buddies program and how it has helped you on your own journey. You can easily switch your profile to a mentor by editing your Buddy settings when the time is right.