Report a Fundraiser

If you suspect that a campaign may be acting in an inappropriate or fraudulent manner, or if you are aware of fraud taking place, please report it to us using the form below. Please review the Q&A on this page to understand how we handle campaigns that are reported to us for further investigation.

  • Please copy and paste the entire fundraising campaign URL that you are reporting. Only past one URL.
  • Please tell us why you are reporting this CrowdCause fundraiser.
  • If you know the organizer of the fundraiser you are reporting, please let us know.

The simple answer is yes. If you believe that the organizer of a fundraiser featured on CrowdCause is committing fraud, breaking the law, or acting in a suspicious or highly inappropriate manner, you should tell us immediately so that we can investigate it further.

Pink Lotus Power Up, the operator of CrowdCause, does not get in the middle of any disputes between third parties and organizers of fundraising campaigns on CrowCause. If you have a problem with someone who has organized a campaign on CrowdCause, please consult with an attorney or forward the dispute to law enforcement, if appropriate.

No, we keep your information anonymous and will not disclose it to the organizer of the campaign.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you status updates on the progress of our investigation. If we detect that an organizer of a fundraiser on CrowdCause violated our terms and conditions or violated the law, we will determine whether the situation will warrant further action, and the appropriate measures that may need to be taken.