Joint Peace™ – Fast & Natural Joint Comfort & Mobility


Joint Peace was developed to provide the only comprehensive and 100% plant-based joint support and relief formulation that contains the most effective ingredients validated by human clinical studies. Joint Peace works quickly. Clinical studies for just one of the patented ingredients show a 20% reduction in pain scores after just 5 days and up to 70% reduction after 3 months. But it gets better! Our added plant-based Glucosamine, Turmeric and Ergomax Vitamin D create the broadest possible relief while giving you the peace of mind to move around, which earned Joint Peace its descriptive name. Play more, travel more, do more of what you love. Joint Peace helps you get moving and keeps you moving!

  • Provides natural and fast relief for joint and connective tissue stiffness while delivering comfort, mobility and flexibility.
  • Clinically shown to significantly inhibit matrix metalloproteinase (MMP-3), which breaks down cartilage, collagen and connective tissues.
  • Shows significant improvement vs. placebo in pain and function beginning as early as 5 days with continued enhancement thereafter.
  • Contains the bioavailable, natural and organic turmeric extract curcumin for added anti-inflammatory relief.
  • Contains plant-grown glucosamine to support the natural biosynthesis of the critical lubricants and shock absorbers necessary to maintain healthy joint performance.
  • 100% plant-based, non-GMO, gluten free and free of any additives.

1-Month Supply
Made in USA
Exclusively from Pink Lotus Elements

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