Why Partner with Us

Pink Lotus Elements has emerged as a leading women’s health e-commerce platform and Affiliate Program by offering a unique selection of highly functional and custom formulated products. By using chemical free, plant based and natural ingredients which are clinically proven, we have been able to create a product offering that is not just another “supplement line”, but one that is embraced by our customers, the media, as well as medical centers, physicians, nurses, nutritionists and health coaches.

Our brand’s history dates back to 2007, and our team’s vast experience in the women’s health, medical and nutritional sectors has provided us with a clear edge. That edge is passed down to our Affiliates to offer a scalable platform that is setup for long-term financial success.

Highly Functional

Our products are functional and address specific women’s health concerns and issues. We do not sell gimmicks just for the sake of sales.

Science Based

Whenever possible, our products are formulated based on scientific and clinical research to assure viability and success.

Optimized Fulfillment

Our fulfillment centers are strategically located to allow our products to arrive at their destination fast, often ahead of schedule.

Scalable Tech

Our technology was created and designed from the start to allow us to serve millions of orders each year without requiring upgrades.

Lifetime Residuals

Affiliates are paid for every order a customer makes, whether a single purchase or a subscription – for the life of the customer.

30 Day Cookies

Our Affiliate Program uses a 30-day cookie so that you receive credit for any customers who don’t make an immediate purchase.

Annual Celebration

We appreciate our Affiliates and honor our top performers by sending them to our Annual Awards event in Southern California.

International Shipping

Reach out to international markets and cast a wider net to increase your Affiliate revenues. We now ship to over 10 countries worldwide.


Transparency is critical, especially for many of our Affiliates, who build careers based on our brand and the success of our products. As a result, we have implemented systems that track the movement of every one of our orders, every single second of the day. We know when the product was ordered, how quickly it was fulfilled, when it was shipped out, and how long it took to arrive at its destination.

In 2019, 54% of our orders arrived ahead of schedule or within 2 days, while 44% arrived within our designated shipping timeline of 2-5 days. Less than 1% of our orders took longer than anticipated to reach their destination. Our fulfillment speed metrics are just as important, with over 99.5% of orders in 2019 being fulfilled on time, a significant improvement over 2018 metrics. This percentage takes into consideration how many orders placed prior to 12pm local time were fulfilled the same day.

We measure these metrics so that we can constantly improve how we deliver products to our customers, and to showcase to our Affiliates that we are always working on improving our systems. If you have any questions about our metrics, please reach out to us.

Transit Time to Customer

Orders Fulfilled On Time

Products Available

Suitable for Everyone

Our Affiliates come from a wide range of backgrounds, which is no surprise given the size of the women’s health market in general. Many of our Affiliates come from one of the areas described below. If you don’t fall within one of these categories, it does not mean you could not be wildly success as an Affiliate. These are simply the most common areas we have observed in the past.


Influencers of any sort with a large social media, e-mail following or website traffic (especially if largely female based) will find fast success as a new Affiliate. Some Influencers with very large followings promote less frequently, while some promote our products regularly.


Physicians, especially those focused on women’s health issues (breast, OB GYN, etc) and general family practitioners need little to be successful as an Affiliate. With an existing patient base that overlaps with our store’s core demographic, referring new customers daily is very viable.


Nurses and Nurse Practitioners need to be on the cutting edge and understand which solutions will work for their patients. Nurses in a practice setting that focuses on women’s health are especially well suited to recommend our product line to the patients they care for.

Medical Centers

Medical clinics, groups, centers and hospitals make excellent corporate Affiliates as patients generally ask what type of products they should take for optimal health or for a specific condition (menopause, PMS pain, general health, etc). Women’s health centers have a significant advantage.

Mommy Bloggers

With predominantly female audiences, Mommy Bloggers make excellent candidates for our Affiliate Program. As content remains online forever, it provides a sustainable stream of new referrals without any extra customer acquisition work. Blogs with traffic do convert.

Health Coaches

The Health Coach market has grown substantially as more and more people seek to adopt healthier lifestyles. Health Coaches make ideal Affiliates as the target market for their own customers will overlap greatly with the primary demographic of our store’s customer base.

Vegan Advocates

We put great emphasis on developing products that are not just natural, drug-free and chemical-free, but also plant based. Affiliates with access to a plant based audience will have relevant sales information to share that the vegan community will understand quickly.

Beauty Sales

We have seen a great number of Health & Beauty sales people sign up as Affiliates as the customer acquisition process is almost identical in that field. While we are clearly not a beauty store, several of our products do address issues that focus on beauty, making it a great fit.

Verified Customer Reviews

Sometimes a product just doesn’t work for a customer, but the vast majority of people say wonderful things about our products and we have maintained an average rating across all products of over 4.5 stars. For our Affiliates, this means better conversions and higher commissions.