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Hi , welcome to your Affiliate dashboard. From here, you can manage your entire Affiliate account, review your sales, payouts, URL’s and more. If you have any questions about your account, always feel free to reach out to Customer Service by clicking our chat icon in the corner of your screen.

Referral commission tiers are based on the amount of commission you have earned in total since you joined our Affiliate Program – this includes one-time purchases as well as residual commissions from recurring purchases. Once you cross over to a new tier, all additional commissions will be earned at that new tier level. If you cross over to a new tier on or before the last day of any calendar month, then your payout commission for that entire month will be based on your newly awarded tier. You must be an Active Affiliate in good standing with a minimum of 3 annual commissions in order to be eligible to receive lifetime residual commissions on all of your referred customer’s purchases during such year. Please reference our terms and conditions for more information.

Our Commission Tiers

Tier 1 / Starter: $0 – $999 earns 10%
Tier 2 / Up-and-Comer: $1,000 – $2,499 earns 15%
Tier 3 / Going Strong: $2,500 – $9,999 earns 20%
Tier 4 / On a Mission:  $10,000 – $49,999 earns 25%
Tier 5 / Entrepreneur: $50,000 or more earns 30%

Payouts are submitted via PayPal between the 5th and 10th day on the month following the most recent calendar quarter (January, April, July and October). It is imperative that your PayPal account is active, in good standing, and that your PayPal account e-mail matches your designated e-mail for your affiliate account. You can add your PayPal payment e-mail in Settings. Pink Lotus Elements cannot guarantee timely payment if your payment e-mail does not match or if your PayPal account is suspended or on hold for any reason. For more information, please reference our terms and conditions.

We want you to be as successful as an Affiliate as possible. Please remember to always follow our terms and conditions. In addition, there are a few marketing best practices to consider:

Stick to the Truth

Pink Lotus Elements is a respected women’s health store. The store features several products that have gone through significant clinical testing and FDA review, and when it comes to our own dietary supplements line, we spend a great deal of time to make sure we bring our customers extremely unique formulation for each product we offer. Your success will only be as strong as our reputation, and it’s important for you not to make any claims for any dietary supplements or devices that are not clearly indicated in the product description on our website. If we say it on the website, you can use it to market the product to your referral base.

Chose the Right Products

The Pink Lotus Elements store features a variety of products, and you should understand which efforts will yield you the best results. Some of our products cost close to $1,000, which would make for a great commission – others cost much less but are bought frequently. Products like our dietary supplement line are often purchased on a monthly basis, and while your commissions may be lower at first, they will come in each and every time your referred customer makes another purchase. For a single customer in menopause who purchases Menopause Miracle during the 7 years she is in menopause, a top tier affiliate would earn over $800 for that single referral, while a one-time customer who buys an expensive Theradome Hair Growth helmet would earn just over $200 for that referral. While big-ticket items generate more immediate income for you, recurring products are a great way to build you a passive income portfolio that pays dividends every single month. Learn more about the demographics of people you are referring to our site to understand which products will yield you the best results.

As a registered Affiliate, you are subject to the Elements Life Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions as well as the store’s general Terms of Service. If you have any questions about the program and it applicable terms, please get in touch with us via the chat option in the bottom corner of our store’s website.

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