Direct Links

There are several ways to refer visitors to our store. Direct links provide the easiest and most hands-off approach, but there are some limitations. Here is everything you need to know about Direct Links and how to use them.

Direct Links are most suitable for Affiliates who send traffic to our store directly from their very own website (using their own domain name, not a Facebook page, etc). For example, Affiliate Jane Doe runs the mommy blog and will link to our store directly from her site. Jane will link to several of our products from different pages and blogs she has written. For Jane, a Direct Link is a perfect fit as she just has to get her domain approved by us once, and all outgoing links from her website will then get recognized by our store as affiliate traffic from her account.

Use the form below to enter your domain name (domain only, no www or cnames). If you run multiple websites, you can get up to 5 domain names approved as Direct Links. It may take anywhere from 1-3 business days to get your Direct Link approved.

No, when you have a Direct Link setup for your domain, you could have a single link or 100 outgoing links to our store. Every link, no matter where it is located on your website, will be recognized as Affiliate traffic and credited to your account.

Yes, you can use your Direct Link and still use your standard Affiliate URL as well to generate referrals via social media, your mailing list, etc. However, it is highly discouraged to use your Affiliate URL on a website that is also approved as a Direct Link domain. This will confuse our system and may result in your traffic not being recognized.