Fulfillment & Supply Chain Status

To help our customers understand what to expect, and to provide transparency, we have built this fulfillment and supply chain tracker, where you can view any current or anticipated issues affecting the manufacturing or fulfillment of any orders.

Current Status

Fully Operational: Fully Stocked or some Out of Stock items.

Fully Operational: Several Out of Stock items.

Supply Chain Delays: Some products cannot be manufactured or delivered to our warehouses on time.

Fulfillment Delays: Some or several products cannot be fulfilled on time.

Status Details

Warehouse & Fulfillment

There are no delays or issues affecting the fulfillment of any orders. All orders, except backorders or pre-sale items, are expected to ship out the same day if placed before 12pm local time (exceptions apply to Hawaii, Alaska and international orders).

Supply Chain Issues

We are currently not experiencing any supply chain issues that would affect our inventory or planned manufacturing productions. However, unforeseen supply chain issues have appeared and affected our business on numerous occasions since the beginning of Covid, and there is no guarantee that such unexpected issues could reoccur in the future.

Out of Stock

The following products are out of stock but are currently in the process of being manufactured:

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The following products are low in inventory but have upcoming manufacturing planned with no inventory shortages expected:

  • N/A

The following products are out of stock and are not currently being manufactured:

The following products are low in inventory and have no upcoming manufacturing planned and are expected to result in inventory shortage: