Residual Affiliate Program

Plenty of affiliate programs pay you a commission on a customer’s first sale, or best case, over a limited period of time. The Pink Lotus Elements Affiliate Program is a lifetime residual passive income program that allows you to earn up to 30% of the lifetime monetary value of any new customer you refer to our store. You get paid every time your referral places a regular or subscription order. Find out why it pays to partner with us.

What is my Earnings Potential?

With multiple best selling subscription products offered, our Affiliate Program provides an opportunity to build an ever-increasing passive income of thousands of dollars per month all the way to a six-figure a year income or more. How much effort does it take to generate $100,000 in passive income? With our residual commissions method, referring 840 women to our store who purchase Menopause Miracle on a subscription would get you there. Alternatively, it would only take a little over 560 customers purchasing our popular Swell Hair formula on subscription to arrive at a $100,000 a year income. There is no limit to how many customers you refer and how much passive income you generate.

Whether you have an existing user base, e-mail list, social media following, or you believe you can build an audience from scratch, it’s time to join hundreds of other Affiliates who utilize our specialty products to earn more and more passive income every day.