Annual Awards Ceremony

Our annual awards ceremony takes place at our favorite oceanfront resort in Southern California. Each year, we send our top ‘Entrepreneur’-level Affiliates to join us for a day of marketing insights, product knowledge and brand initiatives followed by an evening of nonstop fun and awards (disclaimer: there may also be plenty of champagne involved).

What does it take to become an Entrepreneur-level Affiliate? It largely depends on you. Affiliates with a large social media, blog, YouTube or website following can tap into their existing user lists and quickly establish a base group of customers, while building an audience from scratch takes more time, dedication and effort. Can you get to Entrepreneur-level without a single follower? Yes, it’s called a grassroots effort and it’s been done many times before. You make the call.

Entrepreneur Status

You achieve Entrepreneur level once you have earned $50,000 in total commissions as a Pink Lotus Elements affiliate. We believe the quickest way to accomplish this is by promoting our subscription-based products. While they are offered to our customers as a discount, a recurring revenue approach will increase your commissions and be a significant contributor to aggregating your order volume – trust us, we’ve seen it done before!

Whatever your goal is – be it selling 187 Theradome Laser Helmets, 422 subscriptions of Menopause Miracle, 285 subscriptions of Swell Hair, or just a random mix of everything we have to offer, achieving Entrepreneur level status is neither complicated, difficult or impossible. What it takes is a clear vision and persistence to reach out to new potential customers until you reach critical mass.

See you at our next event!