Menopause Miracle® – Fast & Non-Estrogenic Symptom Relief


Menopause Miracle provides fast, natural and non-estrogenic menopause symptom relief for over 90% of women, backed by 3 randomized human studies against placebo. The patented ingredients are safe, plant-based, non-GMO and free of hormones.

  • Provides natural relief from hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, mood swings, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, vertigo and more.
  • Initial relief is often achieved within the first month. Over 90% of women show comprehensive relief by the 2nd month of taking the product daily.
  • Estrogen and hormone free. Does not cause weight gain! Ideal for women looking for a safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).
  • Works for women who enter menopause naturally (due to age) as well as due to chemo or ovary removal (with or without a hysterectomy).
  • 100% vegan, non-GMO, soy-free and Gluten-free. Free of additives. Does not contain Black Cohosh, which has been linked to liver toxicity.
  • Side benefits: Lessens skin wrinkles, increases skin moisture, improves triglycerides (higher HDL, lower LDL) and elevates bone density.
  • Our bestselling supplement is also available via discounted monthly auto ship.

1-Month Supply
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United States United States

Went off for 2 months

Been using since 2019 hoping it would help with vaginal dryness. It never worked for me, so I decided to go off and see if I noticed a difference for other symptoms.. I just re-ordered, my joints are suffering without it. Can't wait until I am back on Menopause Miracle.

Alison B.


Beneficial in reducing hot flashes at night and fall asleep faster.

Cathy T.
United States United States

Y'all are ripping people off!!! Same $39.95 price for 60 or 30 count

This was originally packaged in 60-capsule bottles and was priced at $39.95. You have now repackaged to 30-capsule bottles and the price is still $39.95! SHAME ON YOU FOR RIPPING OFF BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS!


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi Cathy, thank you for reaching out. Your review is entirely incorrect and misleading. We only ever had one single product that had a 60-count 2-month supply, and that is Cosmo Companion. Cosmo Companion was then changed to a 30-count bottle and the price for that product is $16.95, not $39.95. The bottles look somewhat similar to Menopause Miracle, so from what we can see, you are simply confusing those two products. Menopause Miracle has always, since the very first day it ever came out, retailed for $39.95 and it has always been a 30-count bottle. Please consider updating your review since it is not factual.

carmen b.

At first amazing but new order is not working

Hello, After chemo, radiadtion and then more surgery I could not sleep at all for about six months. I did not want to take sleeping pills and the herbs recommed for sleep did not work. Then when I read Dr. Funks book, I found out about your product. Your first two bottles were a miracle, thank you, I could sleep again. I just got my third order a few weeks ago and I notice it is not working anymore. I am wondering if something was changed in the formula? Why is it not working anymore? Should I take two pills instead of one?


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi Carmen, the formula for Menopause Miracle has not changed since the product was first introduced by us. It is entirely possibly though that you are still going through hormonal estrogen swings that can alter the product's effectiveness. Once your body has fully adjusted to the product, these things should happen rarely or never, but in the beginning it does take time to get on a steady path - for some women it can take 3 months. If you had a good response to the product in the beginning, then we know that your body is receptive to it and we would suggest that you give this another try for a few months to see if you can stabilize your symptom relief.

United States United States

Def works for me

I’m skeptical of most supplements but tried this because I was desperate. I’ve been taking this for several months and my hot flashes really improved but wasn’t sure if it was working or if my symptoms were reduced because of other changes that I was making. My auto ship has been delayed and at first I thought, great, maybe I see that I don’t need this anymore. But, after about a week off these supplements I’m having definitely more frequent and intrusive hot flashes. It was surely working for me and I’m looking forward to next order.