Elements Life

Elements Life is our way of rewarding you for your ongoing participation as a loyal customer or affiliate of our store. To provide you with the greatest flexibility possible, there are 4 programs to choose from. All customers are automatically signed up for our Reward Points program.

Reward Points

The Elements Life Reward Points program rewards customers with future savings for every dollar they spend in our store. No signup is necessary. Customers earn 1 point for every $1 spent and can apply a $1.50 discount to a future order for every 100 points earned.

Affiliate Program

The Elements Life Affiliate Program is a lifetime residual passive income program that allows you to earn up to 25% of the lifetime monetary value of a customer you refer to our store. Rather than getting paid once, affiliates generate ongoing passive income.

Refer a Friend

Reap in big rewards by referring your friends to our store. Every friend referral that ends up in a purchase will automatically generate a 40% Off coupon for your account. Use your coupon on any future orders. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.

Social Contest

Follow us on social media and capture a moment with our brand or one of our products. Share your picture or video moment on your personal profile with hashtag #ElementsLife and receive a $100 digital gift card for our store if we repost it.

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