cancer kicking superwoman
cancer kicking superwoman ready to kick

2022 ‘In-Person’ Cancer-Kicking! Summit

October 15/16
Terranea Resort

Final Guest Instructions

2022 In-Person Summit Event Schedule

We may make some minor changes to the schedule below, but the overall event flow will not change. Once a final schedule is in place, we will e-mail you before the event so that you can plan accordingly.

Thursday, October 13, 2022 (optional)
5:00pm – 7pm: Fire pit conversations @ Nelson’s (optional)

Friday, October 14, 2022 (optional)
7:00am – 9am: Event Check-in
7:30am – 8am: Coffee conversations @ Lobby Bar (optional)
8:00am – 9am: Breakfast (for workshop participants only)
9:00am – 1pm: 2 Specialty Workshops: HRT & Weight Loss  (optional)
1:00pm – 2pm: Lunch (for workshop participants only)
2:30pm – 4pm: Palos Verdes Lighthouse Walk (optional)
5:00pm – 7pm: Private VIP Dinner (optional)

Saturday, October 15, 2022
7:00am – 9am: Event Check-in
8:00am – 9am: Breakfast @ Cove Terrace
9:00am – 1pm: Summit Day 1, Part 1
1:00pm – 2pm: Lunch @ Cove Terrace
2:00pm – 6pm: Summit Day 1, Part 2
6:30pm – 8pm: Evening Gathering @ Lobby Bar (optional)

Sunday, October 16, 2022
7:00am – 7:45am: 5 mile Easy Palos Verdes Jog with Andy (optional)
8:00am – 9am: Breakfast @ Cove Terrace
9:00am – 12pm: Summit Day 2
12:00pm – 1pm: Lunch @ Cove Terrace
2:00pm – 3pm: Exploration Trail Hike (optional)