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Sample Reconstructive Surgery Fundraiser

Please support my sister Jane Doe so that she can save her breasts with reconstructive surgery.

My sister Jane Doe was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 2 months ago. Even though Jane is on Medicaid, she was able to make it through the initial appointments and chemo with the financial help of family and friends. She is scheduled for surgery and will undergo a double mastectomy and is anxious to complete the procedure as soon as possible. Because Jane is on Medicaid, she will not be able to get reconstructive surgery and will end up losing her breasts to go flat. I know Jane better than anyone, and I know she is terrified at the idea of losing her femininity. In order for Jane to get reconstructive plastic surgery with implants, we need to raise $8,750 by December 22. Her doctor said that the surgery can be delayed a little, but that it is not wise to wait much longer. Please help Jane keep her breasts! We are so grateful for your support!

About Jane

Jane is an amazing human being who has always looked out for others rather than herself. Even though she has little money in her pocket and has the worst insurance plan you could hope for (Medicaid), she attacks each day with a positive attitude and never lets problems diminish her uplifting spirit. If anyone deserved to get breast cancer, it’s not Jane. Having said that, she has tackled this battle with the same positive approach and a “never give up” attitude that is nothing short but admirable.


12/17/18: Jane’s doctor has agreed to delay the surgery until January 18, giving us a few extra weeks to fundraise. We appreciate all of your contributions and support. God bless!

12/28/18: Jane feels is almost in tears over all of the support she has received. We are 3 weeks away from surgery and it looks like Jane will be able to keep her breasts. Jane wishes all of you a wonderful New Year with happiness success, but most importantly – health – from the bottom of her heart.

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