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We want to deliver your order to you as quickly as possible. In order to reduce the amount of time it takes to delivery your merchandise, we ship from 5 strategically located warehouses across the United States.

Multiple shipments do happen

While we do our best to have each warehouse full stocked at all times, occasionally an item may only be available at a specific location, and in such cases, your order will be broken into multiple shipments. In most cases, the remaining shipment will arrive within a day or two after the first shipment is received, so give it a little time before assuming the worst case scenario.

Product out of stock

If you only received part of your order and are worried that the other part is out of stock, don’t worry, as we you would not have been able to add the product to your cart if it were out of stock. If anything unusual happened with your order, Customer Service would have reached out to you with more specifics. If you did not hear from Customer Service, that means the remainder of your order is on the way and you will have it at your doorstep shortly.


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