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The answer is not a clear yes or no. Hangover supplements, as gimmicky as they usually are, are largely designed as quick fix solutions to make you feel “less bad” after excessive alcohol consumption. What they don’t do is address the actual health implications of alcohol consumption.

Cosmo Companion comes packed with 15 essential ingredients to reduce alcohol induced nutrient deficiency and support liver function, liver detoxification, alcohol metabolism and glucose stability. While this is very beneficial during a hangover, it will not reduce the inconvenient effects of your hangover. On top of these supporting ingredients, the primary function of Cosmo Companion is to ensure that you have sufficient levels of mehtylfolate in your body to support cellular health and correct regeneration as your body is not able to generate methylfolate on its own while you are under the influence.

The supplement’s biggest benefit is therefore that it pushes back against the negative effects of alcohol consumption to support your overall health and wellbeing. If your primary concern is how you feel the day after excessive drinking, Cosmo Companion is not a good fit. If you enjoy drinking alcohol and don’t foresee stopping in the near future, but you also want to minimize any potential damage to your health, then Cosmo Companion provides a very unique formulation to accomplish that goal.


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