Cosmo Companion™ with Methylfolate – Alcohol Defense


Alcohol consumption blocks an enzyme called MTHFR that converts folate into its active form, methylfolate. Methylfolate repairs damaged DNA when it mutates, and is a critical component for the health of every cell in your body. Drinking alcohol can deplete methylfolate to critically low levels, especially since up to 50% of the population carry an MTHFR gene mutation or variation that makes this important enzyme work inefficiently. Cosmo Companion not only contains the bioactive form of methylfolate – so you replenish what alcohol takes away – it also contains 15 potent botanicals to support and protect the liver as it detoxifies alcohol while promoting improved alcohol sugar metabolism. Our unique formulation makes Cosmo Companion the most effective supplement to arm yourself against the negative effects of drinking alcohol.

  • For casual drinkers and those who consume alcohol regularly.
  • Excellent solution for anyone with an MTHFR gene mutation or variation.
  • Contains bioactive methylfolate to support cellular health and proper cell regeneration.
  • Reduces alcohol-induced nutrient deficiency.
  • Supports liver function and detoxification.
  • Supports alcohol metabolism and glucose stability.
  • Comes packed with 15 other essential ingredients.
  • Free of estrogen & hormones. Vegan, Non-GMO, Soy-Free & Gluten-Free.
  • Also available via discounted auto ship subscription.

Existing customers: This is our NEW 1-month supply bottle

1-Month Supply
30 Tablets
Exclusively from Pink Lotus Elements

In stock

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United States United States

Why did you charge me when you couldn't delvier the product?

You have charged me, months and months ago, for 2 bottles of the Cosmo Companion Alcohol defense product and I have yet to receive them! If you are having supply problems, that is one thing, but charging me for a product that you couldn't deliver is not acceptable!! Please refund me for the 2 bottles that you charge me for ASAP. I've also contacted your online chat support several times and they have never responded either! If and when you ever get this product back in stock I'll consider then whether I will buy it again because the customer service around this issue has been horrendous!!!


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi Rebecca, you were on a Cosmo Companion subscription. In November 2020 we announced that we would change Cosmo Companion from a 60 to a 30 count bottle, and that the price would decrease as a result. We also informed customers that we would force all Cosmo Companion subscriptions to be put on hold until the new product is available in it's 30-count bottle - this included your subscription as well. After researching the issue further, at some point after this announcement was made, you went back into your account and manually re-enabled the subscription even though the 60-count product had already been discontinued. Sadly, this resulted in the subscription to be renewed but not for a product that was going to be available going forward. The new 30-count bottle is available and has been shipping out in case you would like to create a new subscription for the updated product.


Is it ever going to be in stock again?? Been waiting for almost 9 plus months! Love the product but about ready to give up!!! 😡

Very good. Love it.


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi Mar, we were just as upset about these delays as you are. Covid has disrupted the supplement world and many other industries in ways that nobody could have foreseen. Raw ingredient shortages and supply chain delays have made things extremely difficult and what should have been a 3-month long manufacturing process has turned into 10+ months. Big supplement companies have bought up raw ingredients all over the world in anticipation of more delays, which has made it even more difficult to get access to even common ingredients that never experienced such a delay before. We could have removed some of the raw ingredients from the product temporarily, but we felt that would have compromised our incredible formulation. Thank you for your patience and we're so glad the product is available again in its new 30-count bottle.

Gina A.


Great product!!


Out of stock

When will the Cosmo Companion be back in stock? thanks Dorinda


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi Dorinda, the new 30-count Cosmo Companion is available for purchase again. Thank you for your patience while we were dealing with these Covid-related supply chain delays.


Cosmo companion

Ran out of what i had and it’s been unavailable for a long time. I know you are shrinking your amount but this is forever. We are in July and still nothing/ i already have an account. Have heard nothing.


Pink Lotus Elements

Hi April, thank you for your feedback. Yes, sadly Covid supply chain issues significantly delayed our latest production run for Cosmo Companion, which is one of our most popular supplements. One of the ingredients was not available anywhere - globally - to be sourced and resulted in months of delays. Rather than reformulating the entire product and removing this ingredient, we decided to wait it out so that our customers can buy the same product they already love and are used to. Thank you for your patience!