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A Little Support that Goes a Long Way

I realize that $300 may not be much to some, but it is an amount that will clear up my conscience and help my little Sofia with her future. If it’s not too much to go through a divorce and lose your job, a breast cancer diagnosis certainly sucks the last bit of air out of the coffin, and then seals it up nicely with one last final nail. I could not have imagined going through anything like this. We never had much money but we have managed to make ends meet by being smart about your finances. You have only so much to live on and you make it work, never getting tempted to live beyond your means. In theory it works and in reality it did work for us – that is, until the diagnosis changed it all up.

The idea of universal healthcare takes on new meaning when you realize that you do not have the right insurance to get the right treatment, and even though your insurance is “supposed” to be there for you when bad things happen, you wake up to a different reality quickly – one where you start to understand that insurance companies are not there to make you healthy again, they are there to make money for their shareholders. So if they can challenge and deny that treatment you need so badly, why not try and see how many patients actually fight it, and how many just walk away – taking the hit like a beaten puppy. I am not trying to raise money to go after insurance companies – heck no – I don’t have a death wish – but my point it this: All the stories you hear where insurance companies denied the most basic treatment someone needed to get out of a bad situation – I became one of those stories.

So why am I raising only $300 and not thousands? The answer is simple. I spent my money wisely in the past and Sofia and I had a little nest egg, and she had something set aside for her education that I hoped – one day – will get her into a good college. I ended up depleting our entire nest egg, but what I never wanted to do was tap into her college savings. But, I had NO CHOICE because what good is a college fund when there is no mother in a divorced family. So I had to take $300 out of her savings, which was hers and not mind. Was that the right decision? Yes, undoubtedly, but it has affected me and caused me a tremendous amount of grief. I want my little girl to have her $300 back and I am so appreciative to anyone who would support me on this quest.


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