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#Fight4Karen Help Karen Fight TN Breast Cancer

On August 6th, 2020,  my sister was diagnosed with stage 1 Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), only 10 days after been notified of losing her full-time corporate job because of the COVID-19  economic impact and the same day she was attempting to start her business venture to get ahead financially. 

We just lost our mom by breast cancer… In January 2017. 

This type of breast cancer is extremely aggressive.  Karen will need to go through 4 to 6 months of Standard Chemotherapy and, after that, a Double Mastectomy.  Depending on the pathology results from the surgery, the doctors will tell if she will need more chemotherapy.   Since there’s no specific therapy or chemo for this type of cancer, she will need to add alternative therapies like additional drugs, high dose of Vitamin C IV and Oxygen therapies to support the efficacy of the chemo.  These treatments are not covered by health insurance. 

My sister is the strongest woman I ever know after my mom, who passed away only 3 years ago from Breast Cancer.  So this is so devastating for our family and, of course, for Karen.  It will definitely be a thought challenge, physically and mentally, but her faith is keeping her positive, tough, and I know she will persevere with our help and support.

The purpose of this account is to EXCLUSIVELY assist Karen with the immense cost of cancer treatment and time off work.  Even with health insurance, the cost of treatment is enormous.  Her Insurance with her last employer is expiring on September 30th.  After that, she has the option of COBRA, which we know is outrageous. She already owes around $5K only for visits and tests.  Chemotherapy starts on the 29th. The port surgery is on September 18th.  Understandably, her spouse Will will also be taking time off work as needed to care and support my sister during treatment. 

Other ways you can donate are with gift cards from Whole Foods as she is in a strict organic plant-based diet and Costco for prescription fees and other organic foods.  Your donations, support, and love during this time are much appreciated! Thank you all, and God bless!

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