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Surgery, Treatment
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Fighting Metastatic Breast Cancer

My mother was diagnosed with Metastatic breast cancer 11/17/2022 following a routine mammogram, the week before Thanksgiving. Upon further testing, biopsies, ultrasounds etc it was discovered that the cancer had traveled to her bones (hip). We spent thousands of dollars on doctors appointments (even with her insurance ) just in the initial weeks of her diagnosis.  Due to the type of Breast Cancer that she has, her Oncologist decided to put her on Immunotherapy (oral chemotherapy), as grateful as we are for this medicine, it is incredibly inexpensive. One month of Kisqali is $16,000.  Because of the costs of the medications that are literally saving her life, she will have to spend almost $700 monthly on health insurance for the rest of her life.  I could have never imagined the cost of Cancer. In this first year of her diagnosis, she is already up to a little over $20,000  in medical bills. We have now encountered a new hurdle. Recent scans have shown the possibility of the cancer spreading to her lungs. She has just been scheduled for an emergency bronchoscopy and ultrasound tomorrow (11/16/2022), which ironically enough is almost a year to the day that she was diagnosed. Based on the scans, her doctors are pretty positive this is cancer, now in the lungs.  If that is the case, she will undergo further testing, surgery & different medicine. This fundraiser is for help with costs of treatments,tests and potentially surgery. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My mother is the strongest, most selfless woman that I know and I would love nothing more than to be able to help alleviate the stress of the financial burden that Cancer brings.

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