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Kara Honaker, mother of five fighting breast cancer

My wife, Kara, started her battle with breast cancer this past August 2019.  She had a double mastectomy, followed by 20 weeks of chemotherapy and then 6 weeks of daily radiation.  She battled not only the physical side effects but also the mental as well, struggling with depression.  Now that her cancer treatment is finished, she has battled back and does an amazing job as a stay-at-home mom and wife.  While she has hasn’t really worked outside the home, what she does  for her family is priceless.  I’d like to raise money for her continued treatment which includes hormone therapy for 10 years.  I’d also like to help her with continued physical therapy support (accupuncture, chiropratic and massage) as she has nerve pain in her hands and other cancer-treatment related pains.

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