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My Journey with Breast Cancer

I’m a mom of four and a wife. I work as a caregiver for babies, the elderly, and those who can’t help themselves. I love my job—it’s what I do best! I am always there for others in their time of need without question. But now I need your help. Recently, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer is a scary word, but it will not stop me from kicking its behind. It is draining me. It is not easy knowing this disease is in my body, harming me and affecting my mental health. Daily I feel dizzy, and I have very little appetite. I constantly think about not being around for my kids. I constantly worry about being unable to hold my babies while recovering and caring for them the way I usually would.

I am praying to God to watch over my family. I know he will look after us while I battle this silent killer and undergo my treatments.

I will not lose this fight— I will win, but I could use all the support I can get.

I’m not asking for much: just enough to cover my medical bills and income loss while I recover.

I was scheduled for surgery to undergo a double mastectomy. Unfortunately, my surgery has to be rescheduled while we acquire better medical coverage. The idea of losing my femininity is terrifying. I don’t want this disease to make me feel like less of a woman. However, I am a fighter and will survive so I can return to living everyday life with my family.

As I prepare to go through this arduous road to recovery, I am worried because I don’t have any local family to rely on. My husband works hard as a father and provider; he loves his family dearly, but we need help with childcare for our two small children while he works so much.

About Me

My name is Petricia, and I am asking for your support in my fight against cancer.

The past few years have been emotionally and physically challenging, especially for my body. After losing one of my babies during pregnancy, I was grateful to give birth to a happy and healthy boy last year. Unfortunately, I had to have a c-section that I am still healing from, and hurts me to this day. All while dealing with this cancer.

Please only donate what you can today—whether it’s $5 or $100—and please follow me on my progress to recovery.

If you can’t donate, that’s okay; please comment, say a prayer and share this as support. Your prayers, positive thoughts, and kind words of encouragement also mean a lot to me.

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