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My name is Amber and I am a 45 year old breast cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed in January of 2019 during a routine mammogram with stage 0 DCIS.  After two unsuccessful lumpectomies, 8 doctors, lots of expense, sleepless nights and research, I found myself in Beverly Hills in Dr. Kristi Funk’s office.  Within minutes of the appointment, I knew she was my doctor.  During that same appointment, Dr. Funk did genetic testing that later revealed that I had a rare gastric cancer gene-CDH1.  This type of stomach cancer hides in the lining of your stomach and is very hard to detect.  Usually, by the time you have symptoms it has moved to other organs.  This gene is connected to breast cancer.  Breast cancer did not run in my family. However, both my maternal Grandmother and Uncle died of gastric cancer years bf we knew about this gene. I had a nipple sparing mastectomy in March or 2020 ( right as Covid was beginning), my reconstruction in August ( at this point in Covid, implants were considered elective), and my entire stomach removed in December. WHEW! 

Having breast cancer, finding Dr. Funk, and finding this gene SAVED MY LIFE!  At the time of my diagnosis, I did not have insurance (another long story).  I was blessed with savings, Family, a career that afforded it, the flexibility to have the time off, and so much more.

I have changed my lifestyle for the better.  I eat a clean diet, drink green tea, exercise, take a  multitude of  vitamins, have a gratitude journal, pray, meditate, dry brush, and more.  My fundraiser is geared around events that promote a healthy lifestyle.

I have decided to do this Fundraiser to help woman to know their options and give back to help those that are not in the same situation that I was.  I remember the shock of hearing the breast cancer diagnosis and all the many appointments.  I felt paralyzed for days until I finally decided to dig in and treat it like I would a business deal and seek out all of my options with as little emotion as possible. (I know right). With doctors before Dr.Funk, I felt like they went down a checklist and it was not tailored to me.  I want woman to know that knowledge is power. 

I am partnering with a different restaurant each week in my town of Hot Springs to share my story, gift bags with things that helped me along the way, drinks and appetizers, cooking demonstrations, fashion shows, door prizes, silent and live auction items, and more.  I am donating the money raised to the Pink Lotus Foundation in order to help other have the experience that I had.

Please join me and raising money for this great cause! 

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