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Please Support me in my Breast Cancer Emergency Fundraiser

Hello my name is Roxxie. I am a graduated law student studying for the Bar Exam. I went to work as a Bartender so I could study during the day and work at night.

I finally got a great Bartending job working at my local military base. Then covid-19 shut everything down and completely derailed the hospitality industry. These past several years completely depleted my savings, like so many people.

Just as I was getting myself back on my feet financially I was diagnosed with Stage 3 bilateral breast cancer — October 2022.

I had a double mastectomy on 11/4/2022 and was told I would need 3-5 additional surgeries for reconstruction + cancer treatments over the next 12-18 months. I will be off work for each surgery and many treatments. As I work on the military base I am a “flex” employee of the US federal gov. I knew I didn’t have the normal federal gov employee benefits, however, what I didn’t know (and was never informed by HR) that because I am a federal gov employee I am NOT entitled to state disability insurance payments should I develop a non-work related health condition. I found that out when I contacted HR in October about leave to treat my bilateral breast cancer.

 Therefore, I am off work initially – right now for 3 months, to the end of January 2023 – all without pay from my employer (fed gov) or state disability because I am a federal gov employee.

My first surgery was 10/20/2022 in preparation for my double mastectomy. My 2nd surgery, my actual double mastectomy, was 11/4/2022. Then 10 days later I had complications of that surgery and required a THIRD surgery on 11/22/2022, yes, just last week – 2 days before Thanksgiving – to fix that.

These three surgeries will keep me from working at all until at least the end of January 2023, again all without any income.  And then each future surgery and treatment regimen will also keep me from working after that for 6 weeks or more at a time over the next 12 months. Breast cancer is a very long journey – not a short sprint. My next surgery is Feb 15, 2023 and I will be off work for 6 weeks  –  again without pay! My next surgery after that (#5) is scheduled for early June and once again I will be off work for 6 weeks – and again without pay. Additionally in between my surgeries there are breast cancer treatments I need as well which will also keep me off work. 

Your donation will help me pay my rent so I don’t become homeless during my surgical recoveries, help with food, utilities AND the medical expenses + gas expenses driving to Los Angeles several times a week ( 2.5 hours from home) for treatments and doctor appointments. Here in CA gas is $6 per gallon.

Every dollar you donate will help me to win my battle with cancer and keep me housed and with groceries during my fight. 

PLEASE DONATE NOW – I need immediate funds for rent, food, auto gas and medical bills.  My life literally depends on your help. Thank you so much for your kindness of support.

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