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Saving 2nd Base

Total Amount Raised: $2,955. This fundraiser has concluded.

At 10:37 AM on October 5th, my world turned on its ear.  I received my first call from my Oncologist’s office to let me know that my biopsy showed cancer.  For a few moments, I had no idea what to do. I consider myself very lucky to have had an early diagnosis and to have the love and support of everyone around me.  What truly hurts my heart is to know that not everyone has the access to the necessary exams.  It is crushing to know that men and women are going without these services simply due to the cost.  This is where I need your help.  On Thursday, April 7th, the Jason Duncan Agency will be hosting a mobile mammography event at our offices (I work with the BEST people).  We have been contacted by 4 individuals who need assistance in getting these exams done. The total cost for each person is $500.00 for the exam and Radiology results.  That means we need at least $2,000.00.  My ask of you is just for $5.00.  In these uncertain times, I know that it may be hard to give, that is why we are just asking for a small donation.  In the era of Social Media, if you can provide a donation towards these exams and then share this fundraiser, we could easily reach our goal.  If you can give more, we greatly appreciate it, but understand that it may not be possible.

If you have been putting off your annual exam, please join our event.  If this is your first exam, don’t go at it alone.  Join our event.  You can schedule your exam by also clicking  I would also invite you to come to our Open House.  Come down and see our new offices in Greenwood Village.

Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to this event and for helping these individuals with potentially early detection.

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