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Taking a Leap of Faith

I choose integrative medicine protocols to facilitate my healing

I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer on April 9 2019. They gave it a label of triple negative stage 3b.  I sat through the depressing appointment with the breast surgeon who said I would require chemo then surgery then more chemo and radiation. When my husband asked if there was anything I could do on my own to help along my chances of recovery such as dietary or otherwise, the answer was  a “no”.  I knew I could not stomach a meeting with the oncologist. I knew this was not my path and that there were other options.

I have been interested in alternative medicine for almost 30 years and I knew of some things I could do right away to help myself  like meditation, qi gong,  eating a plant based diet. I was fortunate to live in a state where we have some integrative/functional medical doctors that are paving the way for these treatments to be part of the mainstream someday . At present, insurance does not recognize or cover much (if any) of these treatments that include nutritional IV’s , ozone therapy, and IPT which is a low dose chemo about 10percent of the conventional dose.  I have already gone through one course of treatment without the IPT and results are fair, but slow.

I am going to start a second course of treatment including the IPT. We are almost maxed out on our credit cards and already taken out a loan. I believe my healing is ultimately from God, with these treatments to facilitate. My hope is that other people learn that they have options when they are diagnosed.

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