Smoothie Power Bundle – Discounted Auto Ship Subscription

$76.95 / month

The cheapest way to purchase our Smoothie Power Bundle. Put your orders on auto pilot and save money & time by signing up for our monthly auto ship subscription. Receive your Aloe Tonic, Ancient Matcha and Amla Boss every month without having to sign into your store account, or bundle your subscription with other products for further savings and reduced shipping charges.

  • Automated order processing every month – no need to sign in.
  • Your Smoothie Power Bundle arrives in the mail – hassle free.
  • Cancel your subscription whenever you like – you are in control.
  • Your payment is charged automatically to your preferred payment method.

Monthly Subscription
Exclusively from Pink Lotus Elements

More is on the way due to very high demand. All new power bundle subscription orders will ship in early November.

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This discounted subscription for our Smoothie Power Bundle gives you a hassle-free and easy auto-ship option to have your products delivered every month. Subscriptions are active until cancelled via your account dashboard, and renew monthly. You can also bundle your subscription with other products to save more and minimize shipping charges.

Can I cancel my auto ship subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your Account Dashboard. From there, click on Auto Ship Subscriptions to access all of the subscriptions linked to your account. You can also use your dashboard to pause a subscription, or reactive a subscription you previously paused.

Can I add multiple products to the same subscription?

Yes, you can. By using our discounted Auto Ship Bundles, you can add your own custom variety of products to one subscription and receive them all in the same convenient shipment.

I want to change the date my subscription renews every month. How do I do that?

Please reach out to Customer Service, and we will be glad to adjust your renewal date for you.

Are subscriptions the cheapest way to purchase products in your store?

Yes, our auto ship subscriptions are priced to be the cheapest way to purchase our products on a regular basis. Only during sales and special offers may you find a product priced lower than a subscription.

I need to update the shipping or billing information for my subscription.

To make sure your next renewal order arrives at the correct address and is billed to the correct credit card, please make sure to update the shipping and billing information for your account and also for your subscription. Updating only your account information will not change your subscription information. Please log into your Account Dashboard, click on Auto Ship Subscriptions, and update your shipping address or billing details there.

I ran out of product before my next renewal order arrived. What can I do?

Your subscription renews on the exact day every single month. Most customers try a product and then decide to switch to a subscription before their first bottle runs out. However, if your first order with us was an auto ship order, then your renewal order is processed exactly a month later. If that day falls on a weekend, there is a chance that your first renewal order may not arrive on time. Therefore, if you started with an auto ship subscription,  we recommend that you process your first renewal order early by using your Account Dashboard. Simply click on Auto Ship Subscriptions, and then renew early. This will ensure that your first renewal order arrives a bit early and you won’t run out.

I cancelled my subscription but received another order. What happened?

Each time your subscription renews, it creates a child order that is then set for immediate processing and fulfillment. If the order is placed before 12pm local time, it is fulfilled the same day. If you cancel your subscription after your renewal order, that will only cancel your subscription, but not the child order that has already been generated and possibly fulfilled. This is true even if you cancel your subscription just minutes are your renewal order is generated. Therefore, if you want to cancel for any reason, please do so prior to your next renewal order. If you forgot to cancel and your renewal order has been created, please reach out to Customer Service as soon as possible so that the renewal order can be cancelled out prior to fulfillment. If you do not reach out to Customer Service quickly enough, your renewal order may have already been fulfilled, in which case it will get shipped out.

Pink Lotus Elements is committed to providing you with a fast, seamless and secure shopping experience. We never stop working on our technology, fulfillment and logistics infrastructure to assure that you can order and receive your products in the fastest and most effective way possible in today’s busy world.

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