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Cancer-Kicking! PowWow
Cancer-Kicking! PowWow
Dr. Kristi Funk

Conversations with Dr. Kristi Funk

Grateful Warrior, Part 1: The Discovery

Grateful Warrior is a 13-part digital docuseries revealing my treatment and recovery from Stage 2 breast cancer using the power of mindset and gratitude to focus on a deeper healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am happy to share this docuseries with the Pink Lotus Power Up community.

The first of many lessons – letting go of control. The Hows? and Whys? can become debilitating, you feel like Alice sliding down the rabbit hole trying to hold on to something. I became grounded when I shifted my focus and thinking from CANCER to – getting better and being healthy – anything else would just cause more struggle and suffering.

Episode 1: The Discovery

Angela describes the day she was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. She recalls the details of the appointment, feelings she had hearing the news, and what she did once she left with everything swirling around in her mind. Interlaced is her doctor, Dr. Kristi Funk, sharing what the physician experiences discovering and then having to share the diagnosis.


The 13-part Grateful Warrior docuseries can also be viewed directly on Angela’s website at

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