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When I learned that the cancer in my breast had spread to two of my lymph nodes and that chemotherapy was strongly recommended, I was very anxious. I am a very active, healthy, divorced woman with her own business and lots of people dependent on me. I had seen the pictures of people going through it and heard what I called the “nightmare stories”.  I was so worried that my life and my body would be messed up.  I was being dramatic but that is what I truly feared.

I met with three oncologists in an attempt that one of them would agree with me that chemotherapy was not necessary and I wouldn’t have to do it.  The feedback that I got from all of them, as well as my breast surgeon, gynecologist and internist, was that Chemotherapy would be important in my effort to protect myself from getting cancer in the future.  So, I anxiously chose to go ahead.

I was determined to learn as much about what I could do to make this challenging physical journey one with a minimal about of “bad days”.

My internist and the Chemo Coach that he set me up with gave me the specialists, products and supplement that helped me immensely.  The side effects I experienced were minimal compared to the many people who went through the same regimen without the help I got.  The first two to three days after Chemo were rather debilitating but I was still functioning.  Then I improved from 60 to 85% of myself during the next ten days.

You might think that the Oncologist would supply you with this kind information on specialists and products.  It was my experience and the experience of every one I talked to that no input was given by an oncologist in any of the areas I am about to share.  Maybe it’s because they are specialists and know full well what they know and are not that acquainted with the “alternative healing techniques”.

In an effort to help others with what I learned, I am posting my suggestions here on Breast Cancer 101 in a multi-part series, with a focus on what I did to make the Chemotherapy and Radiation journey less challenging.

Since insurance will not cover most of what I am about to tell you, know that is costly. Plus, it will be time consuming.  I spent the necessary money and time because I figured if I could feel better more of the time, I could enjoy my life and be more productive thus my business would not suffer and I would continue to make money.

I am not a doctor and what worked for me might not work for the person reading this.  The side effects I had might be different from your side effects. I can’t even promise that you might not have a negative reaction to the things that helped me.  In the following pages I have laid out the services and products that worked for me. Both my oncologist and my internist approved the professionals I worked with and everything I did.  I hope what you read in my posts will be of benefit to you.  I also know for a fact that there numerous other “alternative approaches” I did not try and are not listed here that might be of help.  So, obviously check everything out with your doctors and do your own research, then make your choices.

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Kerry Esbensen
Kerry Esbensen

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November of 2008. My tumor was so large that I had to have chemo prior to surgery. I was not told what stage my cancer was, but by researching it, I had to be at least Stage III.

I just followed the treatment plan that my team put together for me. I had chemo, surgery, radiation and reconstruction surgery.

I have had several complications and will have some more revisions with the reconstruction surgery.

I was Stage III C, so I feel lucky to still be here today. I am still undergoing treatments as of today and hope to get back to normal ASAP.

I would like to hear from other Stage III patients and what they had to go through, how they coped, and what the results were for them.


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